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Rahkar Sarzamin Houshmand has started its activity from 2005, with the purpose of developing information technology in business. Utilizing conscious managers, technicians and experts with observing international standards and using modern methods in the great software’s production has formed the basic policies of the company.

Therefore, the company has done extensive efforts to design and produce products and business solutions with equipping resources and employing experienced specialists in the IT environment. We offer a wide range of backend and frontend services and solutions for our partners from big data collections, automated data tagging, crawler engines, machine learning and AI, to call center and customer support services and software deployment. It doesn’t end here! We also have years of experience in tourism and housing services which we are eager to share and localize based on our partners environment and needs.

Today, in addition of developing electronic business, SLS has a special place in developing cyberspace and presenting the smart call center service .The company is one of the best companies in the IT field.

سرزمین هوشمند کجاست؟ سرزمین هوشمند کجاست؟

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Smart people achieve a deep understanding of their needs through dialogue and interactive communication with the customer


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designing solutions

Sarzamin Houshmand, with its smart people, identifies IT challenges and designs shortcut solutions for them


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Smart people will be your support at all stages of the project launch and implementation

We have 15 years of experience in IT and ICT various fields stay in touch with us

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The identity and function of Sarzamin Houshmand

The most fundamental function of the SLS brand in the information and communications environment is to create software and hardware Infrastructure, which lead an IT Service Process to be done in the smartest mode from start to end.

Intelligence is not the sagacity. Turning the intelligence to sagacity is the great view of SLS in the future to be a medium between the facilities and smart technologies with the life and business.

SLS tries to present designed and humanized technology solutions to be a medium between the information evolutions to insight.

Bringing Life To Technology; bringing technology to life
The main approaches of the Houshman family
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